Eric Vanlaer

Eric Vanlaer is a self-taught abstract artist whose oeuvre includes tile mosaics, acrylic paintings and drafting pen drawings. Vanlaer’s drawings are of pointed significance because of a precision and clarity in detail that is done free-handedly. His works are a vibrant combination of colors and patterns that work together to capture viewers by both their complexity and harmonious array of lines and form, with a face that may appear upon closer inspection.

Born in Lille, France, Vanlaer first sampled from the palette of life when mixing the colors of our world in a prolific generation of work. A keen observation of the simplistic, geometric beauty of patterns found in nature manifested within his vivid imagination and soon evolved into paintings using acrylics and oils. A natural-born environmentalist, Vanlaer began making mosaics from the broken platters he collected on his travels. Mosaics where an innate eye for arranging the intricacies and details found in the patterns of broken china were puzzled together to create an intricate artwork which challenge the viewer to look beyond the obvious beauty in his art to understand the subtle suggestion that although beauty can be found everywhere, everything is still relative.

Residing now in Washington, DC, Vanlaer works have appeared in galleries both in the US and France, as well as amassed in the private collections of DC and European collectors.


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