Henry Gallucio studied under Robert Barnes and Barry Gealt while an undergraduate at Indiana University. Initially, Gallucio experimented with abstract realism in a series of watercolors. His work has evolved to oils in a variety of abstract styles as fits the idea or ideas he wishes to communicate through his art. Gallucio paints ideas expressing the value of human life and concordant loss of life through an unjust war, the death penalty or simply remaining silent in the face of human injustice. These ideas are represented through a unified and understandable series of works.

In painting, Gallucio’s influences are the likes of 20th Century contemporary artists Jasper Johns, Richard Diebenkorn, Mark Rothko and a throw back to the 19th Century with German expressionist, Emile Nolde. A flourish of Gallucio’s paintbrush and a few strokes in his oils pay homage to these artists.

Gallucio first sketches his works while listening to his other artistic influence, classical music, particularly 20th Century compositions. Gallucio collects musical pieces that resonate in tone and subject matter to that of his paintings, particularly influenced by Arnold Schoenberg, an Austrian and later American composer, associated with the expressionist movement in German poetry and art and Philip Glass, another contemporary composer of music with repetitive structures; widely acknowledged as a composer who has brought art music to the public. With music in mind, it is effortless to see the flow of ideas intricately painted and rhythmically expressed through the works of Henry Gallucio.

Henry Gallucio currently resides outside of Washington, DC.


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