Please visit Lucky Thai to see ongoing exhibit of Judy’s artwork.

Wherever travels have taken me, I have looked, reflected, and stored the beauty—of the American West, the Caribbean and especially the Hawaiian Islands— as artistic inspiration.

I invite you into my fantasy world of high energy landscapes, exploring the interaction of primal forces —earth, air, fire and water—with the life-giving sun. My paint brush is the computer, allowing me to combine my photography with a vast resource for experimentation, to produce landscapes of the imagination.

I create my art as one-of-a-kind pieces called “photo collage.” They are produced on canvas, or on fine coated matte paper, for maximum color saturation. My skills were honed as a graphic designer where the dance of shape and color is my signature.

My vision is to remind the viewer that we are custodians of a fragile beauty, balanced precariously in the immense background of space.


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