Maryanne Thomsen is a 21 year old artist, born and bred in the Hutt Valley, New Zealand. Right from when she could first hold a crayon, she loved to draw, as most toddlers do! She has always had a love of the outdoors, especially beaches and native landscapes, and these special places are reflected in her art. She has an adoptive background in Pacific Island lineage, which has early teens been a focus of her art as well.

She was taught Siapo drawing at school, which is a traditional Samoan art form, excelling it so much so to become top artist. In her first 13 months of painting for sale, she sold 40 paintings in her her show, remarkable for any artist, but for a beginner, amazing! Maryanne is passionate about her art, her music and life in general and seems to leave a mark wherever she goes.


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